The Banks

New Dwelling, Northamptonshire

The client’s brief was to design a home suitable for a young, growing family to begin their married life in rural Northamptonshire. The design was to be truly outstanding and environmentally innovative, in order to satisfy the stringent criteria of Paragraph 55 of the ‘National Planning Policy Framework’ – the policy that broadly allows new dwellings, of exceptional or innovative design, to be built in the countryside. LOYN+CO and the design team including Landscape Architects ‘Andy Sturgeon Design’ obtained Planning Consent for the client in June 2018 via delegated powers.

The form and placing of the proposed four bedroom dwelling are derived directly from the site analysis of this unique site. The proposals have as much to do with the existing landscape of ‘banks’ and valleys (where the name of the nearby village is thought to be derived) as it has to do with the architecture. The plan form of the house reflects the unique geometry of the surrounding field patterns. Two ‘landscape lines’ enclose the building form - leading up to and extending from the dwelling, – this creates the overall, geometric form of the building. Although this provides the basic diagram for an existing track which crosses the site from North East to South West contains this to the West. These existing factors (landscape, existing route and topography) dictate the overall siting and form of the building is dictated by the existing landscape and agricultural features, trees on site and the site topography.

The proposal fully satisfies the stringent criteria for a Paragraph 55 dwelling, both in terms of the quality of architecture and in relation to the extensive environmentally friendly measures combined to result in a dwelling that exceeds current sustainability standards and significantly enhances the context proposed by the landscaping designs and careful treatment of the site. Moreover, not only will this dwelling meet the zero carbon target, but it is estimated the proposed energy strategy will displace more than six tonnes of carbon emissions per year (which is more than the total annual CO2 emissions of 2.5 new cars in the UK) and continue to do so for at least 20 years.

The discrete siting of the dwelling coupled with careful treatment of the landscape and public face of the proposal from the site entrance to views further afield aims to raise standards of design in rural areas and create a wonderful family home for our clients.

Client: Private Client Size: 475 m² Stage: Paragraph 55 Planning Consent Granted June 2018