Private Residence


The existing dwelling did not take advantage of the wonderful views of the sea from the site. The client’s brief focused therefore on the potential of the location and the importance of the context of the site; the topography and existing trees. Keen gardeners and owners of two dogs, they wanted a house that would create a retreat that would be suitable for the warm months and harsh winters experienced in this area. Year round they wanted to be able to hear and smell the sea.

Contrary to ‘replacement dwelling’ policy, we proposed relocating the dwelling to maximise sea views. Working with the topography of the site, it quickly became apparent that the arrival point would become a hidden gem, buried into the existing bank, with ancillary spaces housed at lower ground floor level. The principal accommodation is provided at Ground Floor ensuring the spectacular views are maximised and accommodation rationalised; creating three zones within one level: sleeping, relaxing, and living zones. Sight lines through the building have been created, forming spaces that are connected to their outside environment. The first floor provides the main bedroom and a roof terrace.

At the centre of the home is a three storey high indoor garden, filled with luscious trees and planting. This creates a staggering interior that allows the clients to garden indoors, all year round.

“The house is everything we’d hoped it would be and more. The site, its location and covid all made for a difficult build but the problems were quickly forgotten once we moved in. We thoroughly enjoyed working with James – his passion and his attention to detail are major factors in the success of the project. We challenged each other’s ideas and approaches, and the results of this close collaboration can be seen throughout the house.” – Client Testimonial

Client: Private Client Size: 350m2 Stage: Completed 2021