Tŷ Newydd


In 2016 our clients fell in love with a spectacular cliff top site. As soon as they saw the amazing views of the Bristol Channel from the first floor terrace they knew this was what they had been looking for. The only problem was the very poorly designed 1970s house and garage that was currently ruining the site. We were tasked with designing a replacement home that did the site and the views justice.

Art Deco is a particular passion of the clients’ and there are several Art Deco houses along the cliff tops of Penarth (One of the most famous is a Listed Dwelling directly opposite the site). In collaboration with our client we set about designing a contemporary home with a nod to the Art Deco heritage of the area.

The original house sat right in the middle of the site and the garage and parking were to the south obstructing the view and taking up the sunniest part of the site. The key design principle was to relocate the house and garage as far North as we could to maximise the south facing garden. We also placed the garage behind the house rather than in front of it so it did not obstruct the view or take up valuable garden space. The other major design move was to design the house partially upside down. By this we mean that some of the living space is on the first floor and some of the bedrooms are on the ground floor reversing the standard convention. The kitchen is located on the ground floor with direct access to the garden and the living room is on the first floor opening onto a large south facing terrace where you can sit out and take in the view. Another benefit of this south facing terrace is that it provides shade on the southern elevation where it is most needed. It also provides a sheltered covered outdoor seating area outside the kitchen. All of the main habitable spaces face east taking in the view and the more functional rooms have been positioned to the west facing the street.

Externally the house is a composition of horizontal and vertical elements. The main house has a strong horizontal emphasis with linear slot windows emphasising the horizontality when viewed from the street. These horizontal windows also reference the horizontal ribbon windows and balconies which are characteristic of art deco buildings. This main horizontal mass of building is then intersected by a contrasting vertical mass. This vertical element forms the main circulation of the house with a dramatic stair and triple height space to the rear of the building. The stair has generous landings where you can pause and take in the view of the sea as you move upstairs. This vertical element is characterised by vertical slot windows which contrast with the horizontality of the main house.

The exterior colour scheme and material palette is all white render and paint. Again this is in homage to the local Art Deco buildings on the Cilff tops of Penarth.

“We asked Loyn + Co for a modern house with a nod to the Art Deco style that made the most of the amazing views to the south and east over the Bristol Channel; they didn't disappoint, and delivered a stunning design.” – Client Testimonial

Client: Private Client Size: 231 m2 Stage: Completed 2020